Close-up magic

David specializes in close-up magic. The kind of magic that happens right before your guests eyes,
and quite often in their hands. This type of entertainment is perfectly suited to all manner of events,
both formal and informal, as David moves amongst your guests and acts as an extension of your hospitality.
David has performed in some of Seattle's most celebrated and sophisticated venues, such as
The Fairmont
Olympic Hotel, The Century Ballroom
and The Bellevue Club just to name a few.

David has experience performing close-up magic at all manner of social gatherings. He has performed at events
ranging from corporate hospitality suites to private engagement parties, and everything in between. From the trendy
nightspots of Belltown, to the northwest's first and only magic bar, The Magic Studio, where David was a featured
magician for its entire run.

To put it simply, any event or establishment that has a group of people looking to enjoy themselves, is
perfect for close-up magic.

Find out why National Public Radio said
"David Rudd has game..." and bring an entirely new and unique
brand of entertainment, to your next event. Prepare to be amazed and delighted by the sleight-of-hand magic
of David Rudd!